Why Join with us

All CrossFit boxes are unique in their own right, and offer a similar product packaged in a slightly different way, so it is important that you join a box that is right for you.


Apart from joining a box with a knowledgeable and understanding coach, alongside a bunch of supportive and motivating like minded people, below are a our unique points of difference that we offer as part of your membership with us.


- welcoming and friendly customer service that makes your membership simple & easy

- super clean and separate male & female amenities

- shower facilities

- complimentary tea & coffee

- access to discounted BodyScience products

- private member FaceBook group for additional support and mateship

- unlimited bring a friend free Friday

- exclusive access to special member offers, promotions and competitions

- the ongoing opportunity to support local not for profit groups via material donations

- no joining / admin fee

- no minimum term or contract period

- no cancellation fee, simply 2 weeks notice

- no exorbitant dishonour fees

- easy fortnightly debit direct with the bank; not a third party

- unlimited fortnightly time freeze