What Our Members Say About Us


When we put a call out to our members, asking if anyone would like to put together a line or two for a testimonial on our website, we only expected a few to do so - we know people are busy with life and stuff.... But we have been overwhelmed and astounded to say the least, at the volume of testimonials our members have sent through, and are so thankful for their support and kind words,

Have a read through of the below to find out what our members really think about us, and we are sure you'll meet at least one during your first session.


'The first time I stepped into the box to take a class I was really intimidated. There was close to 20 people and I was certain they were all professional athletes. My first WOD consisted of 5 rounds - 10 push press, 15 Air Squats, 20 Kettlebell Swings and a 200m Run, 1 minute rest between each round. 

Running has never been my strength, by the time I finished the 3rd round I must have looked as bad as I felt. That's when Simon came up to me and gave me the option to pull out. I remember lying on the floor struggling to breathe, but wanting to finish. Simon backed my decision and told me I could do it. 

As I ran up the hill for my final round, and by run it was really more of a slow shuffle, I looked up to see Simon coming out to meet me, the rest of the class had finished what felt like hours before me. Simon fell into a jog along side me and that's when he said the single most important thing a trainer has ever told me "finish strong, nothing else matters". Hearing that was everything I needed to finish, and as I took my first step back into the box the entire class gave me a round of applause, I was blown away by the community, and amazed at what I could achieve with a little encouragement. I signed up that day because for the first time in my life I had found a coach who supported me and who wanted to see me succeed.'

Clare - IWBC member since 2014 & CrossFit member since 2015

'Simon is a patient and attentive CrossFit and Olympic Lifting coach who shows a true interest in helping you achieve your goals.  He has a genuine love of the sport of Olympic lifting and is passionate about creating great CrossFit athletes. Simon is building a true community of mateship and team spirit and you feel at home the minute you step into CrossFit Strathfield.  I can’t recommend CrossFit Strathfield and Inner West Barbell Club highly enough, it’ll change your life!'


Diana - IWBC member since 2013

'I started training with Simon a year ago, and quickly appreciated his evidence based approach to training. As someone who is not a natural athlete, I initially struggled with most of the CrossFit movements and felt intimidated.

Simon's relaxed attitude and willingness to answer all of my many "....but why?" questions has allowed me not only to progress infinitely in the last year of training, but has kept me coming back day after day.'


Morven - CrossFit Strathfield member since 2015

'I just wanted to take some time to commend Simon on being an absolutely amazing coach. Through my two years of Crossfit, it was his attention to detail and ensuring best lifting techniques that has helped me achieve results. He always ensures to give the right advice and focuses on the progress of each individual in the class. Coach Simon rocks!'


Hala - CrossFit Strathfield member since 2015

'I've been training under Simon for over 2 years now and the one thing that I've always respected in Simon's approach is how he conveys his message/instructions to each specific person and makes it so easy to understand. His knowledge and eye for detail is tremendous and the improvement I've gained overall in my fitness is awesome. I highly recommend Simon as a coach to whatever your fitness goal may be.'


Mark - IWBC Member since 2013

'The best way for me to summarise Simon as a coach is quite simply - That he has made me better. Better at CrossFit, better at weightlifting - a better athlete.
Having experienced many coaches across various activities, what stands out for me personally is his ability to give the right “cue” at just the right time - adding up to big improvements over time. Combine that with his experience in strength and conditioning, his personality and the environment he creates I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Simon and Inner West Barbell Club to anyone.'

Drew - IWBC Member since 2014

'I started CrossFit 4 months ago after doing it on-off for 3 yrs. Simon is great at modifying movements and WODs for me so I could do them, but always while pushing me to challenge myself.  Simon is very educated in correct movements and watches me like a "hawk", always correcting my form during the WOD so I don’t get hurt.
I am now in my 30's, lighter and able to lift heavy stuff and working to be in the best shape of my life! I wouldn’t be where I am now without the support and encouragement of Coach Simon.
Thank you, Coach! You rock!'


Johnny - CrossFit Strathfield Member since 2015

I first met Simon in a CrossFit class where I found him to be a wealth of technical information with a strong emphasis on form and technique as a basis for heavier lifting. His classes were always enjoyable, fun, rewarding and always with an eye of good, proper form and technique. I also thoroughly enjoyed his coaching and the passion he had for Olympic weightlifting.


When he announced that he would be opening his own weightlifting club, I was excited to join and use the training to complement my rugby training. Over the last three years, Simon has been my weightlifting coach where my technique and competition lifting has improved more than I thought possible. As a Masters lifter (over 35 years of age) I have really enjoyed the aspect of weightlifting as a long-term sport and exercise program and something I am committed to long term as a competitor.


I have been competing in Masters Weightlifting for 18months now and love the health benefits, travel opportunities and social aspect of the sport and cannot recommend it enough. I would recommend Inner West Barbell Club and CrossFit Strathfield for anyone regardless of their fitness level to feel healthier, stronger and fitter, and would suggest you give Olympic weightlifting a try as a sport as you will enjoy it more than you think..


John - IWBC Member since 2013


'Why do I train at CrossFit Strathfield? Two reasons, no, three.

Coach Simon.

Community of awesome peeps.

Free coffee.


Simon is the reason I can do multiple push ups, smash my row's and deadlift 105KGs.Why? Because he is the king when it comes to technique., and as a swimmer, I understand the importance of mastering technique before you can improve.

In regards to the community, how awesome is it to turn up to a group of smiling and enthusiastic faces everyday! People who will push you past your limits and cheer you on, even if you are coming last.

Free coffee. Well that's self explanatory. Who doesn't love free coffee!

I say come & try it out - even if you have never exercised before in your life. You'll never look back - I promise!'


Amanda - CrossFit Strathfield member since 2015.

'Simon has been coaching me for the past 4 years, firstly just during CrossFit classes and then into weightlifting with Inner West Barbell Club.

Throughout that time, he has gone above and beyond for me personally, as well as with other members. He is always happy to assist with additional movements or exercises to help you get better and stronger or just simply to improve your mobility. He will research in his own time and give you his honest opinion on many various areas such as diet, training methods etc. He even has committed himself and jumped in on the diet bandwagon with myself and other members to help us maintain accountability!

He helps motivate you when you don't feel like coming into the gym, pushes you to work harder when he knows you are slacking, and gives you the kind words you need when at least you are trying to make it into the gym with the hundreds of other things that are on your plate. He has coached me at the  CrossFit regionals with IWCF in 2012, and also at the AWF Olympic Weightlifting Nationals in 2014.

He is an outstanding coach and friend, and I would highly recommend him to people who are getting into CrossFit/Olympic Weightlifting, as well as anyone who is looking to compete in either.'


Kristy - IWBC Member since 2013