Private Coaching with CrossFit Strathfield

Private coaching, also know as personal training, is an excellent way for you to get one on one attention from a coach.

Often, we can lack motivation, direction or knowledge, which can result in fitness plateaus, disinterest and diminished results..


Private coaching allows you to be the focus point for the entire hour, rather than sharing this with other members. Our coaches will be able to discuss in greater depth the how, why and when of exercising, and create a program that is specifically designed to meet your goals. This can be in addition to your other training, or separate.


Owner and Head Coach, Simon, specialises in:


- building correct exercise and movement foundations

- developing and strengthening areas of weakness

- working through progressions e.g to achieve a strict muscle up

- the Olympic lifts; Snatch and Clean & Jerk

- Olympic weightlifting competition preparation

- sensitivity and understanding of women's post natal exercise needs and adjustments