Your first CrossFit session will hurt, but i promise you'll go back

Starting anything 'new' can be hard.


It is tough to push aside those negative thoughts that cause you to procrastinate and delay. It is hard to ignore the stories you create in your head (which by the way are just stories). It is even harder to push aside the fear of the 'unknown'.


I totally get that. I too have been there.


I know that you think you will be judged when you walk through that door for the very first time - you probably will be - but not for the reasons you think.

I know that you are worried that you can't do the workout as fast as everyone else - you probably wont be - but that's not the important part

I know that you have doubts that your body will not be able to move like everyone else's - it probably won't - but it will still move right for you


But you know what - it is OK. You are OK.


I'm about to tell you what your first CrossFit session is really going to be like - no fluff.


You're going to be nervous - butterflies in your tummy

You will arrive 20 minutes early, and will wait in your car until you see other people start walking in so you can follow them.

When you finally get to the door, you'll feel warm from nerves, thinking EVERYONE is staring at you.

You will make up a story that everyone is questioning why you are there, and try to convince yourself that you should really leave.

Finally - after what feels like forever - the Coach will come over to say hi and get you set up to start.

He will make you feel at ease with your decision to try it out - but you just can't shake those butterflies


The session begins to start

You shuffle to the back of the group, hoping to go unnoticed

You use the Coach as your focus point - to stop thinking that everyone is thinking about you, when really they aren't

You will think everyone is 1000 times fitter than you and that they secretly know you have never done this before and that you have NO IDEA what you are doing

They smile... and say Hi!

They ask what your name is and how you are actually going...

They sound normal - and not judge-i.e. like you first though.

You're already breathing hard... and that's only just from the 10 minute warm up.

You think to yourself 'what am I doing?!?!'

You bury that thought, and push on so no one thinks you're struggling

There are squats for strength.

'What are squats?! I have NO idea how to squat!'

Everyone has weight on their back - even the other girls!

You have just you - your body.

You squat. You move.

You feel like a baby giraffe.

The Coach say's 'Your doing great! Squats look easy for you!'

Squats hurt. The burn....

You think to yourself 'people do THIS for fun!?!?'

You finish the 5 sets of 10.

You silently congratulate yourself for not falling over flat on your face.


The Coach starting talking through the WOD.

'What the $@#% is a WOD!?'

You have a minor freak out moment and start to feel those butterfly's creep back in...

Time to leave. You try to think of an excuse. Any excuse.

Too late. You're in too deep.

The clock counts down - The WOD starts.

It hurts.

You're doing it.

It sucks.

You're doing it.

Your breathing heavier than you ever thought you could.

You're doing it.


Everyone else has finished.

Your still going.

Your ready to give up.

You think you can't finish

But you're still going.

Then everyone starts cheering.

You pause to see who they are cheering.

They are cheering YOU!

They are telling you that you CAN finish. That you WILL finish.

Your push harder and hurt harder.

They start clapping - counting your last reps - yelling at you to give it your all and NOT to give up.


And then... you finish.

You've finished your first WOD.

You fall on the fall, trying to catch your breath

Everyone comes over to high-five you and tell you you're awesome!

The Coach comes over and simply say's 'Well done - I knew you could do it'

Everyone asks when you will be back in.


You say 'Tomorrow'.




Written by Simon's favourite human & life partner - Alex - who 'gets' how hard it really can be & was inspired to write this by member Clare sharing her CrossFit journey

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