Warming up!
Are you doing it?
Are you doing it right?

A 5-10 minute warm up will get the body primed for a great training session. It will get the blood flowing, raise your body temperature, assist in preventing injury and will help to get you mentally in mood to push hard during your training session.

Below are the basic steps to a good warm up and making sure you get the most out of your investment.

  1. Get the your body moving:
    This does not need to be difficult or complicated- just move. Pick 1, 2 or 3 movements and start doing easy reps, rotating through the movements. Focus on moving smoothly and quality before gradually ramping up the speed until you are moving fast
  2. Listen to your body: 
    Spend a couple of minutes moving though the movements you will be doing during your session. Make sure you take note of any tightness or stiffness that may need to be stretched out to perform optimally
  3. Get the blood pumping:
    Get the blood into the main muscles you will be using in your session. Teach the muscles to do what they are supposed to.
  4. Do reps:
    Lots of reps. Each repetition should be as perfect as you can get it. Keep the load light and really hone down that movement pattern.
  5. Your ready to go!
    By now the movements should feel fast and fluid, and you should be ready to go!

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    The energetic warm-up, when achieved properly conventional, makes the muscles and joints in a more detailed method than standing stretching.

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    10 minute warm up will get the body prepared for an awesome instructional course. It will jump-start the system, raise your body temperature, help with forestalling damage and will get you rationally in state of mind to push hard amid your instructional meeting.

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    Simply jogging in place and doing some sautes/small jumps and plies while wearing leg warmers/sweat pants should do the trick. That should be just enough to get your heart rate up and blood pumping to your limbs. Then, once you start stretching, try to ease into it, since your muscles might not be %100 percent warmed up. The important thing here is just to listen to your body.

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