Welcome to CrossFit Strathfield & Inner West Barbell Club!

We are a well established CrossFit Box located in Strathfield South - minutes from the M4 and along the Roberts Rd/Centenary Dr corridor. We offer CrossFit classes that focus on technique and building the correct foundations in a highly social and supportive environment.


CrossFit Strathfield is also home to Inner West Barbell Club, our Olympic Weightlifting club. Here you are able to learn and compete in the competitive lifts (Snatch & Clean & Jerk) with a bunch of other guys & girls that are super supportive & motivating.


We encourage you to join us for a complimentary introductory session, or even just come down & watch a session. Regardless of your age, ability or past exercise history, CrossFit can be for you - the hardest part is simply getting started.


Lifelong fitness is a journey, not a destination.


Simon Callander

Owner & Head Coach

CrossFit Strathfield & Inner West Barbell Club


Inner West Barbell Club - IWBC -  is our official Olympic Weightlifting Club.. Primarily for those that wish to compete in the the sport of Olympic weightlifting, involving the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. We offer 5 coached sessions per week, which are programmed according to individual strengths and training requirements.. Our programming ultimately works towards both in-house and external competitions, including State and National championships, so there is always a goal to work towards. For more information on joining IWBC, visit the Contact page to send an enquiry.

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